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Woodstock Animal Sanctuary: Peace, Love, Goats, Pigs, and Turkeys!

I went to the June Jamboree held at the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, and loved it. At the June Jamboree there was a nice vegan food spread and live music,  I came back to the Wodstock Animal Sanctuary last weekend, and discovered it's just as wonderful when there are no special events going on. There was an interesting mix of visitors. There were locals. (I bumped into somebody I knew), and fashionably dressed Brooklyn couples.

The Woodstock Animal Sanctuary is the perfect place to stop by if you taking a day trip in the Woodstock area. If you go on a tour, you will learn how each animal was rescued and came to live the good life there, and all about quirky animal habits, and a little bit about farm life. It's quiet and peaceful–just right if you are in the mood for a low-key relaxing place to take the kids. There is no pushing and shoving here! You can pet the pigs, even while they sleep. (And, they sleep a lot, about 85 percent of the day, according to our tour guide and co-owner Doug Abel). The turkeys are very approachable. At the June Jamboree I saw one brave toddler give one a kiss on the head. (I'm not that brave around farm animals though a sleeping pig is really non-threatening). Admission is $7 for adults, and $4 for kids. There is a cute vegan-themed gift shop, at the visitor's center, and also a very nice restroom. Family memberships are $50, a good deal if you plan on visiting a few times over the summer. For directions and more information visit the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary website

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