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Watering Hole in Woodstock: Quiet place for a picnic, a swim, or meditation




If you make a sharp left turn on to Millstream Road  before you hit Woodstock's Route 212, and drive down Millstream Road for a minute, you will probably see a parked car or two near the watering hole in the village of Woodstock. I have driven by there a few times, but never took the time out to check out the watering hole until today.  I climbed down the short rocky path to the watering hole, sat down, took a few deep breaths and relaxed.  I don't like to meditate in public unless I'm in a yoga class so I didn't relax for too long.  I expected the water to be freezing cold, but it was really just right. (Disclaimer: I only dipped my hand in).

I don't know exactly how deep the water is in the center of the watering hole. I asked one swimmer how deep the water is, and she said it was way over her head. She said the water was shallow by the edges though, which makes sense since I often see kids wading in the water here. The rocks can be slippery, and there is obviously no lifeguard so you swim at your own risk.  I felt cool just sitting on the rocks. I'd like to know how deep it is though. Any local earth scientists know?  What is your favorite watering hole in the Hudson Valley? I'm planning on checking out at least one more this summer. For die-hard adventurers, check out this guide to watering holes in NY state .

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