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Severe thunderstorm, power outage, Winchell’s pizza & ice cream!



Since moving to the Hudson Valley, I have really become a weather junkie. I follow obsessively, and really like Hudson Valley Weather on Facebook.  It seems like most of the time, these crazy thunderstorms seem to bypass Woodstock, and I end up hearing about them from friends in Rhinebeck and Red Hook. Well, today, Woodstock got a good part of the action. It started around 3:30pm. By 4pm, we lost power, branches had gone down, and the poor baby Cardinal in the nest in our tree died from the impact of the wild winds. 

Once the storm had passed, we decided to go out for pizza to Winchell's which is one of our favorite pizza places in the Hudson Valley. The pizza is always delicious! Their soups are good too. We love the appetizers there too, but they are not good if you are trying to watch your cholesterol so we try to control ourselves!  I used to love their appetizers!  Winchell's Pizza, 3187 Route 28, Shokan, NY. (845) 657-3352. 

The power was still out when we came home so we went out for ice cream to bide the time at the Jolly Cow. The power came back on at 10pm. Thank you Central Hudson! 

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