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Scenes from the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s July Jamboree: Uncle Rock gets upstaged by 7-year-old rocker Noel Fletcher!



Noel Fletcher on guitar

Noel Fletcher stealing the show


Uncle Rock

Uncle Rock at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary



Uncle Rock

Uncle Rock & Noel Fletcher




Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Jamboree



Kale salad

Massaging the kale!


Fun at the farm

Hooping at the farm

Hundreds of visitors and Hudson Valley Good Stuff had a very vegan good time at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's July Jamboree last Saturday. The kids loved the bouncy house, the farm animals, and the concert by Uncle Rock. When we got there around 1:30pm, little 7-year-old Noel Fletcher was hushing the crowd with his sweet rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles. I only videotaped the last bit of it, but I hope you enjoy it.

Noel's mom tells me that he started playing the guitar at 3 when she gave him a First Act guitar, which he loved to play all the time and got his rhythm with it.    "For his 6th birthday,  all he wanted was an acoustic electric, so he could perform like Uncle Rock and Gustafer Yellowgold.  So he's been learning chords mostly since getting the second guitar.  He has taught himself a lot from DVD's including picking, most of the basic chords from his Dad, and just started lessons in November with Tom Benton," says Noel's mom.  I'm looking forward to seeing this  7-year old acoustic rocker play Bethel Woods one day.



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