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Scenes from the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest





I had a great time at the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival today.  It was my first time at a wine festival so I wasn't sure what to expect. All the tasting seemed a bit fast-paced to me, but I think that was because I didn't want to linger at any vendor's table too long as most of them were quite busy.  I tasted about a dozen wines I'd say. (I didn't keep count though!). My favorites were from the Milbrook Winery, Catharine Valley (very yummy red wine called "The Lost Irishman" and another aptly called "Sweet Revenge", and Whitecliff Vineyard Chardonnay. I also loved the new Happy Bitch Wine. There was a lot of buzz at the Happy Bitch Wines booth where the creators Hudson Valley Wine Goddess Debbie Gioquindo and Keryl Pesce, author of "Happy Bitch" were pouring and schmoozing. 

I was happy to see Cinnamon Restaurant there. I had a yummy tasting of tandoori chicken. I tried the Sante Fe Tivoli's quesadilla and chips. It was probably the spiciest Mexican food I ever had in my life. (I suspect it may have been the sauce I sprinkled on there that came with a warning sign!) A can of soda and a bottle of water did little to cool my scorched mouth.  I'm glad I finally went, and I'll definitely be back next year. 

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