Scenes from Imogen Holloway Gallery opening at 81 Partition Street: Late Spring in Saugerties!









Imogen Holloway Gallery opening at 81 Partition Street in Saugerties tonight drew a quite a crowd. I like to swing by Saugerties on the First Friday of the month because Partition Street Wine Shop has a tasting, but I wasn't expecting to see so many people. Fortunately, I bumped into one familiar face, Karyn Pavich, of Dutch Ale House who introduced me to Diane, the owner.  

It is great to see so many people crowding Partition Street on this sultry night. The scene with the cute dog in the convertible BMW made me think of something my sister-in-law  said to me on a recent weekend visit to the the Catskill Smokehouse on Route 212. "Oh, I'm starting to get a Hamptons vibe here!"  She lives in NJ and it was her first visit to Saugerties.

Later that day we stopped by the Dunkin Donuts near Price Chopper in Saugerties after a tour of Saugerties.  Tom was adjusting the lid on his large coffee and spilled the entire contents all over the floor.  As my husband cursed himself, the young man behind the counter laughed and said, "Oh, don't worry. We'll get you another one!"  

I told her, "You see how nice everybody is here. You wouldn't get that response in the Hamptons."  "Are you kidding me?" she says. "In the Hamptons, they'd hand you the mop!"  Haha!  So, no. I'm not going to say that Saugerties is the new Sag Harbor, but these scenes do make me think of my old hometown sometimes.

Imogen Holloway Gallery, 81 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY.

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  • Thanks, Vanessa. Great pictures! Somehow the convertible w/dog was the perfect touch. I forgot to tell you there’s an artist’s talk in 2 weeks- Sat. May 19th @ 5. PLease come.

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