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Phoenicia Diner: Hearty skillet breakfasts, pancakes, meatloaf & friendly service!



My family and I had a very hearty late day breakfast at the new Phoenicia Diner today. After this crazy week, my family needed to find a good spot for a hearty Sunday breakfast. The Phoenicia Diner was crowded, but we didn't have to wait long for a booth.  The owners definitely have pride of ownership here, and it shows. 

I really had a craving for eggs so I ordered the breakfast skillet (2 sunny side up eggs, bacon, cheese, roasted potatos, and whole grain toast). My farmer's skillet was delicious, but they really do give a large amount of potatos, which are very good, but I couldn't finish them. Tom ordered the meatloaf which was very good, and not overly heavy or bready like a lot meatloaf is.  "It's just like my Aunt Angela's meatloaf, except it's not burned!" he said. That is a compliment, by the way. I also tried the soup of the day, which was a butternut squash pear soup. Very good!

(Not pictured is the kids grilled cheese which was devoured too quickly so I didn't get the chance to capture it on film).  The sandwich was very yummy, and the fries were real potato fries. No fake rectangular frozen diner fries here!

The service was quick and friendly. Our waitress kept on warming up our coffee, which was also good. I'm looking forward to coming back to the Phoenicia Diner when I'm in the mood for a big hearty breakfast, and trying out other dishes. (I don't eat like this every day!) Phoenicia Diner, Route 28, Phoenicia, NY. (845) 688-9957



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