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New Restaurant Review: Cinammon Indian Restaurant in Rhinebeck: Tasty tandoori dishes!



Cinnamon Restaurant had its grand opening day last Thursday. Considering it was only Day 3, the restaurant was pretty crowded. I love Indian cuisine, but I rarely enjoy it in the Hudson Valley. We definitely need more Indian restaurants here!  

I started off with the mulligatawny soup. My husband had the Ceylon chile chicken. For my main dish, I ordered the tandoori chicken, and my husband had the chicken tikka masala. The bread was kind of strange. I was surprised to see that the cheese nan was stuffed with American cheese. Any other cheese would have been more exciting, but still I liked the nan better than the roti. The tandoori chicken was perfectly cooked and arrived sizzling on a platter with onions. It was a very generous portion so I didn't have any room for dessert. The servers were very friendly, but the service was a bit slow. There are always kinks to work out the first week a restaurant opens, which is why I usually try to wait a month, but I love Indian food so much that I couldn't wait!  

The server told me that they will be offering lunch buffets and a dinner buffet on the weekend so stay tuned! I will definitely return. Can anybody out there recommend a good Indian restaurant in the Hudson Valley?

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  • I’m a big fan of the Red Hook Curry House. Their Sunday night buffet is great! I’ll have to give this place a try, too.

  • Thanks for the info Carol! I will have to check out the buffet at the Red Hook Curry House. I love buffets!

  • I love love love the Red Hook Curry House, so yum.

  • Love your blog!!!
    -Liz at Hudson Valley Green

  • I agree about Curry House in Red Hook. The Sunday buffet is a great deal. New Paltz has Saruchi, which is also very good. Our favorite was the place on Route 9 south of Rhinebeck that closed a few months back. It looks like Cinnamon replaced it, so here’s hoping the food is as good! Thanks for the review.

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