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Mario’s Pizza in Port Ewen: Old-school Brooklyn style hot subs, gluten-free pizza & hearty slices!





We ate at Mario's Pizza in Port Ewen after we went apple picking at Dubois Farm. Wow, what a great find! We ordered a "hot gondola" sub. A hot gondola is a huge sub with Italian deli meats–salami, ham, melted mozzarrella cheese, and dressing on a crusty white bread roll. (The photo I took of the hot gondola only shows half because the other half had been bitten into by a hungry savage)

Yum! I had the spinach white cheese slice which was very fresh and tasty. They cook with love here! My husband who grew up in Brooklyn said that Mario's Pizza reminded him of the pizza places they used to have on every corner in the 1960s. We will definitely be back when we get a craving for a hot gondola. They also make Gluten-Free Pizza. Mario's Pizza, 186 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY. 845-338-1157

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