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Lunch at Oriole 9 in Woodstock, NY: Tasty Tofu Wrap or Hearty Breakfast

The Dieter vs. The Hungry Man at Oriole 9

Last weekend I had a house guest from France visiting.  Oriole 9 is a great place to take someone out to breakfast or have a breakfast meeting.  I would eat here every day if I could!  Considering the quality of the food and the fancy presentation of the dishes, the breakfast and lunch menu is really reasonably priced.  I decided to be adventurous and try a dish from the Lunch menu for a change. I had the marinated tofu wrap with avacado and wasabi yogurt. It was delicious, but very spicy. Thomas had the Oriole 9 Breakfast–2 eggs your way, with thick slabs of toast, potato, and sausage.  The restaurant also is also a WiFi hotspot so plenty of diners take their laptops out to dine too. Oriole 9 also has special family style dinner nights. Check their website for more info. Oriole 9.

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