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Le Petit Bistro: Romantic, Warm, and Cozy French Restaurant in Rhinebeck




Le Petit Bistro is a very cozy and intimate French restaurant in Rhinebeck, that I had never been too until last week. A friend of mine who grew up in Rhinebeck recommended it as the best French restaurant around. Since I just returned from a 10 day vacation in France recently, I had high expectations. I also know that even the best French restaurant here can’t compare to a home cooked meal at my cousin’s house in France. The delicious dinner I had at Le Petit Bistro came very close though. The service was outstanding. (Don’t be intimidated by the knowledgeable staff there! They are eager to answer any questions you have about any dish on the menu.

We had the pate and the escargots to start. Both appetizers were delicious. The bread wasn’t French bread, but it was yummy. I had the duck, which was perfectly cooked. My husband ordered the skirt steak which was a special. Though I really enjoyed the duck, if I go there again, I will order the lamb as it comes with mashed potato, and the woman seated next to me, raved about them. I don’t know why they served plain old white rice with such a magnificent duck.

Dessert was totally over-the-top! I got the eggnog creme brule. (I’m sure there was a bit of alcohol in there!) My husband had the apple crisp. I would definitely recommend Le Petit Bistro as a perfect place to splurge a little on date night. Be sure to make a reservation, especially on a weekend. For more information, go to Le Petit Bistro, 8 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY.

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  • I love Le Petit Bistro, Vanessa! It’s one of my favs. That eggnog brule sounds sublime. We are lucky to have quite a few nice French restos in our area!

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