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“Honey, we need honey. Let’s go to Roxbury!”


I'm a honey junkie, and Ballard's Honey is the best honey I have ever tasted. Whenever I run out and feel like going on a little road trip, I go to Roxbury. Along Main Street, look out for a small "Honey" sign. They sell Buckwheat Honey, which can have 20 times the anti-oxidants found in clover honey.  During the summer Roxbury hosts the Roxbury Nine's vintage baseball event, where team members dress up in vintage uniforms and play baseball like they in the pre-steriods olden days.  There is a real sturdy and safe playground in the center of Roxbury which is worth going off the beaten path for, especially if you have a child that wants to let off a little steam. Also check out the funky hip The Roxbury Motel to complete the retro escape. For more info on Roxbury go to Here's a short article I wrote on the power of honey for Muscle Fitness HERS.

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