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Guptill’s Coney Express Ice Cream in Latham, NY: Waffle cones, soft serve, slushies & roller skating next door!





Guptill's Coney Express in Cohoes (near Latham) is a huge ice cream stand, which right next door to Guptill's Arena, which is the largest indoor roller skating arena, according their website. (Wow!)  I really must check this out next time. It was closed when we stopped by yesterday around 12 noon.

My daughter had a doctor's appointment in Latham yesterday and Guptill's Coney Express was the perfect post-doctor's visit treat. Since it was a chilly and gloomy day we were the only customers. I'd imagine that the place gets packed during the Summer months.  Have you been there? What's good?  The rink was closed, but next time I'm in the area, I will sneak in and take a few photos. Guptill's Arena, 1085  Route 9, Latham, NY (518) 785-0660.


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  • Guptills uses deceptive advertising practices for their annoying ice cream commercials. They claim they have the world’s finest ice cream. This isn’t possible unless they’ve actually tried every other ice cream in the world, however this is normal advertising “puffery”. The deception is that they claim that “thousands come to Guptills every day” This is deceptive and they should not be allowed to make this obvious false claim. The one thing Guptills can claim which they won’t, is their ice cream is one of the most expensive in the area. They need to overcharge their gullible customers in order to pay for their ridiculous and annoying commercials which I believe I’ve heard on Fly-92 on an average of every 10 to 15 minutes. Based on what radio advertising costs…here’s a novel idea…cut back on the commercials and with the money they save…they can lower the cost of their mediocre ice cream to a more reasonable price. BTW….Cold Stone Creamery and The Peanut Principle are just two of many who have much better ice cream then Guptills

  • Hi Mark,
    Belated thanks for your feedback on Guptills. I don’t know the Albany area that well so I’m looking forward to checking out the other 2 ice cream places you mentioned in the future. Not sure if I will get to them this Summer, but do stay tuned.

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