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Guest blogger Kathy Ng reviews Babette’s Kitchen in Millbrook, NY

Guest blogger Kathy Ng reviews Babette’s Kitchen in Millbrook, NY
BLT Salmon Sandwich at Babbette's in Millbrook

Smoked Salmon BLT at Babbette’s in Millbrook

Fresh coffee

Fresh coffee

Last week I decided to take a drive through the country roads to Millbrook for lunch. It was quite lovely to see beautiful snow covered barns and hills. Well that was last week. This week, I’m totally over the snow.

Anyway, my husband and I decided to get a simple lunch at Babette’s Kitchen on Franklin St in downtown Millbrook. It is a small cafe with a rustic chic decor. You know it is a popular spot with the locals, because even in the 20 degree weather, the cafe was basically full. However, we did not have to wait. Before we could completely decide what to order, the staff has cleaned a table for us.

Babette’s serves breakfast and lunch from fresh, local ingredients. For lunch, the menu includes soups, salad, quesadilla, and sandwiches. I ordered a smoked salmon BLT sandwich and a soup. My sandwich was fresh and tasty, and I remember enjoying the tomato in the sandwich. Maybe it was marinated separately? The soup was delicious as well.

Other than lunch and dinner, there is a good selection of baked goods for sale. Babette’s does quite a bit of catering business as well. Although I was very full, I kept thinking the quinoa salad looked very tempting. And I am usually not the type of person who would usually use the word salad and tempting in the same sentence, especially if no meat is involved.

All in all, I will be back at Babette’s in the future when I crave for fresh, casual food. And it seems like their many regulars would agree.

Kathy Ng is a resident in Poughkeepsie with her husband, two kids, and well-travelled dog (who has been to three continents). She blogs at, which covers daily events for the lower and mid Hudson Valley, and also at, a local real estate site.

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