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Gabriel’s Cafe: Hearty South American cuisine in uptown Kingston

Chicken empanada at Gabriel's Cafe

Chicken empanada at Gabriel’s Cafe

Columbian Plate at Gabriel's Cafe

Columbian Plate at Gabriel’s Cafe

Slow cooked pot roast with plantains

Slow cooked pot roast with plantains

My friend and I had a delicious South American lunch at Gabriel’s Cafe in uptown Kingston. I realized how much I miss South American food. When I lived in Astoria, I used to go to a great Columbian restaurant called Tierras Columbianas, and I used to love their grilled chicken with plantains. The menu at Gabriel’s Cafe features dishes from Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru. I ordered the Chilean Pot Roast and my friend ordered the Columbian Platter. She ended up taking half of it home because she couldn’t finish it. My slow cooked pot roast was very tender and tasty. I really had a craving for plantains. I attempted to cook plantains at home last week, but they didn’t come out well. I guess it’s one of those dishes that looks simple to make, but it isn’t. Well, the plantains here are perfect! Gabriel’s is also open for breakfast and has salsa dancing on the weekends. (Follow their Facebook page for dance announcements and menu updates). Gabriel’s Cafe, 316 Wall Street, Kingston, NY (845) 338-7161

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  • HI Vanessa: Have been waiting to hear some reviews about Gabriels (not a fan of when they were on John Street) – the food looks amazing so will definitely have to try.

    Am passing on a new place for you – Opa – right up the street on the other side from Gabriels – INSANELY off the hook Greek food – so beautifully spiced and cooked to perfection – everything, and I mean everything, I have had there has been incredible. Give it a whirl and keep up the great reviews!


    • I must try OPA’s then! Another reader told me that they have incredible crepes there too. Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa!

  • I love fried plantains! I learned to cook them pretty well when I spent a winter in Central America, but it might have just been the magic of being there 🙂 We’ve passed Gabriel’s a number of times and wondered how the food is, so happy to see this review! Thanks!

    • I’ll try to cook the plantains again. I’m a pretty good cook when I wing it most of the time. I visited Argentina and Brazil long time ago. I ate a lot of yummy food while I was traveling, but never picked up the cooking of the region. I wish I had!

  • My wife and I ate lunch here in September.
    Gabriel’s food and service was simply unbelievably bad.
    There was only one other table occupied , the three patrons appeared very unhappy ( I wonder why ?)
    My wife ordered soup , I ordered a simple sandwich , we waited (I have no idea why) 45 minutes to receive our “meal”.
    The small bowl of soup was lukewarm and was served soup kitchen style (without any garnish, just a bowl of soup and a spoon.)
    My shredded pork sandwich was a pork chop between two pieces of bread..that’s it !
    I will never ever set foot in this “restaurant ” again.

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