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Four Brothers Pizza in Rhinebeck: Delicious Greek Salad & Personal Pizzas!




We took the kids to Four Brothers Pizza in Rhinebeck for the first time last week, and had a very delicious experience. The exterior of the restaurant is a bit non-descript, which might be why I have never been inspired to stop here, but inside it is spacious, clean, and has plenty of family friendly booths–always a big plus for us. 

I wanted to order pepperoni slices for the kids, but the server told us they don't serve slices. Instead they have personal pizzas. That was only $4.95 though so not a big difference in price. We ordered that, and they really gobbled it up! The crust was very thick. I ordered the Greek Salad since that is one of their specialties. I love how it came with its own bottle of homemade salad dressing. It was very fresh, and much better than your average diner salad. The waitress was really sweet, and the food came out pretty fast. I will definitely come back here! Four Brothers Pizza,  3803 Route 9G, Rhinebeck, NY 845-876-3131

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