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Family-Style Italian Dinner: Augie’s

Family-Style Italian Dinner: Augie’s
The eggplant rollitini appetizer

The baked eggplant rollitini appetizer

Spinach fettucini with chicken and plum tomatoes

Spinach fettuccini with mushrooms, chicken and plum tomatoes

The King Carrot Cake still haunts me

The King Carrot Cake still haunts me

Ever since I moved to Saratoga County last year locals have been telling me I need to get over to Augie’s Family-Style Italian Restaurant in Ballston Spa for a good Italian dinner. On Wednesday night, my husband and I finally had a date night free, and we enjoyed a an evening of pure gluttony and a delicious dinner.

We were warned not to order too much food or we’d have leftovers for days. Our server Rob asked us if this was our first time at Augie’s, as he wrote his name in blue crayon on our paper table cloth. “Well, you know that our portions are very large so one entree is enough for the two of you, as well as the appetizers,” he said. I really think Augie’s is great value because although the entree prices range from $24-$32, the portions can really feed three to four people in my opinion. We took home leftovers and those leftovers were enough to feed three family members the next night.

It was hard not to fill up on the thick sliced bread and butter on the table. We ordered two appetizers and one entree. For our appetizers, we ordered stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat, parmesean cheese in a garlic cream sauce. That was one of the specials. My husband ordered the baked eggplant rollintini. The mushrooms were very tender and one of the best I’ve ever had. The stuffing was nicely blended and melted in my mouth. We easily finished this plate, but when the eggplant came, we didn’t eat it all because we wanted to save room for the rest of the meal.

For our entree, we ordered a selection from their short list of Heart Healty Options, the spinach fettuccini with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and chicken. I shrieked when I saw a huge salad bowl full of pasta arrive at our table. We made a small dent in it, and left with a large take- out bag. We still wanted to try a dessert so we shared a piece of King Carrot Cake for two.

Rob told us that the desserts were going to be normal size. He lied! I forgave him. The carrot cake was delicious, but we ended up getting a doggy bag for that too. I’d highly recommend Augie’s Family Style Dinner if you are really hungry, and looking for a restaurant with very friendly lively atmosphere. There was a one large group making quite a bit of noise, but as my husband says, the sound of happy people is a good sound. Augie’s Italian Family Style Restaurant. If you are looking for a a very quiet intimate ambiance with trendy minimalist food though, look elsewhere! Augie’s Family-Style Italian Restaurant & Bar, 17 Low Street, Ballston Spa, NY (518) 884-8600

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