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DUO’s Bistro Brunch Tasting recap: Sneak Peek at breakfast, brunch & lunch!















Today Chef Neils Nielsen and Chef Juan Romero invited Hudson Valley Good Stuff and a dozen other foodie friends to taste the breakfast and brunch dishes they are planning on serving at DUO. The multi-talented duo re-fined the former Gabriel’s space. The wood floors look shiny and new, and the bar is very roommy with solid bar stools. (They hope to be all set with the liquor license by Summer time when they will start to offer dinner as well).

The tasting started with 3 different egg dishes: breakfast salad, eggs over easy over roasted potatoes and delicious spiced sausage and bacon, and omelets.  Then came platters of lunch sandwiches (chicken salad, tofu, goat cheese, organic beef burgers). The turkey confit salad was a real crowd pleaser. I overheard two people say they could eat this salad every day.  The salad will be offered with tofu for vegans. We also sampled a very comforting Scottish cod chowder soup called Cullen Skink. The plates kept appearing out of nowhere, and at one moment I felt like I was at a Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of new friends. Well, I felt thankful to be invited to this private tasting. Towards the end, Nielsen and Romero sat down at the table to get our feedback on certain dishes. (Which spiced sausage did we like better? How did you we like the homemade toast? How do you like the cutlery selection?)

The DUO chef owners hope to open this week. I’m looking forward to the opening of DUO Bistro on John Street. I have loved what I tasted so far, and I’m sure you will too. DUO Bistro/Bar, 60 John Street, Kingston, NY. Phone (845) 383-1198. Open 8:30 am- 3:30 pm 7 days a week. You can follow and Like Duo Bistro on Facebook here.

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