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Cupcake Judge Diary: 2013 Gardiner Cupcake Festival at Wright’s Farm welcomes Hudson Valley cupcake lovers!


M and M cupcakes

Kokopelli Cookie Company cupcakes



Tantillo’s Farm before the mad rush



Flower cupcakes

Potted flower cupcakes by Sweet Indulgence Desserts


chicken waffle cupcakes

Yes, chicken & waffle cupcakes!



Hot Dog cupcakes

Hot dog cupcakes by Deising’s Bakery in Kingston



Wright’s Farm Cupcakes

Moxie Cupcakes Menu


Bad Seed Hard Cider

Courtney of Bad Seed Hard Cider

Cupcake runners and a canine friend



More temptations!

Applause for 2nd place woman

Jennifer Phanomrat from Just Eat Life interviews one of the Cupcake Classic runners 

Deising’s Bakery representing!


Kupcake Kouture

Kupcake Kouture’s beautiful temptations!  

Putting the finishing touches on…

Sara from Wright’s Farm organizing the Amateur Cupcake Contest cupcakes

Best Animal Theme Category

Mid-Hudson Cakes booth is all ready to go!



Cupcake Judges from the Gardiner Cupcake Festival

Cupcake Media Judges: Jennifer Phanomrat of Just Eat Life, Vanessa Ahern from Hudson Valley Good Stuff, Kathleen Reynolds from Edible Hudson Valley, and Mark Bolger from 97.7 FM in Poughkeepsie

I had a great time at the 5th Annual Gardiner Cupcake Festival at Wright’s Farm on Saturday. Why do I love the cupcake festival so much? It is a food blogger’s dream! (It was my 4th cupcake festival. I missed the first one). Now my favorite part of the festival is being a judge at the Amateur Cupcake baking contest. (Last year was my first time being a judge, and in 2013 I was the only returning judge. I was joined by 3 media judges: Jennifer Phanomrat from Just Eat Life, Kathleen Reynolds from Edible Hudson Valley, and Mark Bolger from 97.7 FM in Poughkeepsie from the “Mark Bolger in the Morning” radio show. I was asked to arrive there at 11 am, but the judging didn’t really start until 1pm. That was fine though because I beat the cupcake traffic coming into Gardiner, and took advantage of the time by taking photos and meeting the different cupcake vendors before things got crazy. I also caught a few of the front runners finishing the first ever Cupcake Classic 5K at Wright’s Farm.

There were over 30 cupcakes to taste in all the categories that had to be judged by tasting: Best Tasting category, Most Unique Ingredient category, and Best Tasting Cocktail Themed category. For the Best Animal theme, Best Decorated, and Best Use of Multiple Cupcakes we just judged from appearance, and didn’t taste them though they sure looked delicous!

The judges huddled in a corner, trying one cupcake at a time. (Two young women from Wright’s Farm, Delaney and Sara, cut each cupcake into four, as we tried them one at a time, scoring each one). After we tasted about 15 of them, we ate smaller and smaller bites, but even when you taste 20 cupcakes, you can still notice an exceptional one that has everything going on–moist cake, oozy tasty icing, and maybe a surprise ingredient you didn’t expect. (To the baker who included what felt like a shot of Kalhua in one of them–thank you!)

Once the judging was over, I walked around to check out the cupcake vendors again, took a few more photos, and bought 6 cupcakes to bring home to the family. There was plenty more to do though. Families danced to the live music, kids enjoyed faice painting, pony rides, and a bouncy house, and there were the $40 helicopter rides. (I’ll do that next year!) I love cupcakes, but I am always happy to stop after tasting 30 or so. Did you go to the Gardiner Cupcake Festival? Which cupcake was your favorite? Please visit the Hudson Valley Good Stuff Facebook Fan Page (and Like it too while you’re at it) for more photos from the Gardiner Cupcake Festival.

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