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Brunch at Diamond Mills Hotel & Tavern: Pastries, Eggs Benedict & Oatmeal on a rainy Sunday


jam and butter

Local preserves and butter



Pastry Basket

Basket of House Made Pastries



Fancy oatmeal

Steel Cut Oatmeal



eggs benedict

Crab and asparagus eggs benedict



Better than homefries

Skillet potatoes



Diamond Mills Tavern

View from the terrace at Diamond Mills


Two weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed a delicious Sunday brunch at Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern in Saugerties.  I ate dinner here the first week they were open in January so I sort of knew what to expect. When you dine at Diamond Mills, you kind feel like you are somewhere in Manhattan or a fancy Adirondacks lodge.  I had made a reservation for 1pm, but when we arrived at the Tavern there were only a few tables being occupied so I felt silly about even mentioning the reservation. It did get more crowded as the brunch time went on though.

The Tavern has the brunch menu divided into first course and second course, which lures you into ordering both courses. I'm okay with that though. When I dine here, I plan for an over-the-top dining experience.  Tom ordered the Slow Cooked Steel Cut McAnn's Oatmeal as his first course. I ordered the house made basket of baked goods.  (My 21-day adventure cleanse diet is obviously over!)   For our second course, we both ordered the Crab and Asparagus Eggs Benedict. The dish was exceptionally tasty though the portion size was on the dainty minimilast side. They made up for that with a hearty portion of breakfast potatoes.  I don't remember ordering a side dish of potatoes so I think they came with the eggs, but I could be wrong. I left there feeling very gluttonous so I really can't complain.  The rain and thunderstorm, made it fun too. The view is always beautiful, despite the weather.  

For all you brides to be, Diamond Mills is hosting their first Wedding Expo on June 24th from 12 noon- 4:30pm. Admission is free. There will be tons of New York vendors there so it is worth checking out no matter what stage of planning you are at. For more info visit the Diamond Mills Hotel & Tavern website.

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