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Book Review: “Live Raw: Food Recipes for Good Health & Timeless Beauty”

Live Raw[2]

I guess I would call myself a wannabe when it comes to "raw-food" living.  The idea really appeals to me, but I find it really hard to slow down, find a recipe, read a book, and plan ahead to eat healthy. I only take out my blender about once a year.

I  received a beautiful book called "Live Raw: Food Recipes for Good Health & Timeless Beauty" (by Skyhorse Publishing June 2011). It is written by Mimi Kirk, a 72 year old who doesn't look a day over 45 really. PETA named her Sexiest Vegetarian over 50!  It is an over-sized glossy cook-book really makes you want to try the recipes. Many of the recipes are simple, and don't have that many ingredients.  There is a section on raw food recipes that are perfect for detoxing. Kirk also offers advice on how to take care of your skin using raw food.  I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but I have placed the book on my kitchen counter, right next to my Elvis Cookbook ("Are You Hungry Tonight?" )Hey, it's a start! I think this book would make a great gift to yourself or to a friend who is interested in learning more about the Raw Food way of eating and living.

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