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Apple Picking at DuBois Farm in Highland: Plenty of juicy apples, pumpkins & people!



DuBois Farms in Highland has plenty of juicy apples for picking! We went apple picking yesterday in the middle of a short rain storm. We followed signs that read "DuBois Farm Festival" that led us into the parking lot. The place was packed with tourists  happily lugging around their kid in carts. I could not find an available cart, but found the stand where you can rent one of these stick things to get the apples and a green cloth bags. There is plenty I didn't see though. The rain threw us off so we got tired quickly and went back to the car. Next time I will try a sample from their bakery and explore the grounds a bit more. See their website for more info. 

We left there with two huge bags of red apples. Total cost= $29. Now all I need is a good recipe for apple pie!

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