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Allure Hair Salon in Highland: Cute small town salon, sweet stylists & a great haircut!


When I put out a call out for a hair salon in the Hudson Valley that would offer a Hudson Valley Good Stuff blogger girl a haircut, I received lots of suggestions from people on my Fan Page to call their favorite stylists, but Allure Hair Salon in Highland was the only one to contact me directly and offer me a complimentary cut for my rat’s nest. I took a drive to the Historic Hamlet of Highland to find out who these nice angel hairstylists were!

Allure Hair Salon is at 6 Main Street in Highland. (I have to confess it was my first time on Main Street, and I missed the turn twice!)  The salon is cute, and charming, and I felt relaxed as soon as I stepped in. Highland is a quiet place, and though there were a few other ladies getting their hair done, the salon was quiet. I think that is part of the reason why the haircut felt more relaxing than other haircuts I’ve had where music is blasting, and stylists are yelling across the room to each other. Allure Hair Salon is mellow, or was mellow when I was there.

My hairstylist Kayla gave me a perfect trim. I didn’t want heavy bangs, though it is always tempting just to hide those pesky laugh lines. I instead opted for the my standard long wisps. (I didn’t have a magazine photo for inspiration, but I liked how Kayla’s whisps looked so I asked her to kind of copy her look). I liked the straight-up friendliness here, and no pretention or pushiness that you would find in Manhattan. I’m very happy with my new haircut! Allure Hair Salon has very reasonable rates, and they also offer the off-site up-do, blow-outs, haircuts, for weddings, special events, proms, etc.  Highland is about a 5 minute drive from New Paltz.

Thanks Allure Hair Salon in Highland. You’ve got good stuff! Allure Hair Salon, 6 Main Street, Highland, NY 845-691-7973

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