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11th Annual Woodstock Film Festival starts on September 29th!

I love being in Woodstock the week of the Woodstock Film Festival. It is my favorite week of the year. As a movie lover, I love discovering independent films that I know I might never get to see anywhere else. My favorite part is listening to the Q & A afterwards. The movies are screened in small cinemas, town halls, community centers, which gives it an intimate environment to watch a movie. Filmmakers are also more relaxed in the country setting, and happy to go off on tangents about their films.

Here's a tangent of my own–I've been having all kinds of epiphanies this week.  A couple of my younger friends have been buzzing about the new MTV show "World of Jenks" on Facebook lately. And, all this time the name has sounded familiar, but I haven't had time to catch up on my MTV. Well, I finally figured out why the name Jenks rang my bell. I got to meet Andrew Jenks very briefly when he presented his documentary "Andrew Jenks Room 335" at the Woodstock Film Festival in 2006. The movie stuck with me so much that I wrote him an email telling him how much it had moved me, and that I would try to promote the film to different magazines.  (I didn't have any luck, but he didn't need my help anyway).  We exchanged a couple nice emails, but then I never followed up. Now four years later, he's an MTV Star!  If you go to the Woodstock Film Festival, and see a movie, don't miss the Q & A's with the filmmakers. You could meet a future Andrew Jenks! I can't promise they will all be as handsome (though I do prefer the shorter hair he sported in 2006), but they are certainly brilliant! For more information on the Woodstock Film Festival visit the festival's website.



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